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Our Donors that Made the Royal Bengal Skatepark a Reality

We would like to thank the following outstanding individuals, businesses, and organizations that made the first public skatepark in Bangladesh a reality by donating any amount over $10,000 USD to Bangladesh Street Kids Aid (BSKA):

- Margie and Chuck Halsell: Your donation of $30,503 USD has helped us with purchasing the land ($25,000) and dirt ($5,500) needed for the skatepark.

- Senior Living Resources: Your donation of $20,400 helped pay for the land ownership transfer fees ($2,941) insurance for the Wonders Around the World crew ($5,000) and running programs and providing safe spaces for the vulnerable street-based youth over the past 4 years.

- The Skateroom: Your donation of $15,000 has helped us purchase nearly all of the construction materials needed for the building of the skatepark! The follow-up consulting and funds for running programs after skatepark construction is going to be a huge help. Thank you!

We would also like to thank the following donors who gave us any amount under $1,000 for the construction of the skatepark:

- Shred.Co in partnership with Cozz Coffee Roasters: $612 USD

- Van Horn Enterprises: $500 USD

- Dogwood Skate Shop: $100 USD

- Heidi Lemmon: $100 USD

You all made so many dreams come true!!!

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