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Royal Bengal Skatepark

a skatepark
for Bangladesh


For long time, there was not a single skatepark in the super densely populated country of Bangladesh. This is why we created a safe place where kids can learn how to skate and receive lots of care and support.

Nestled in the Bhawal National Forest of Gazipur, lies Bangladesh’s first public skatepark.

A place of hope

Nestled in the Bhawal National Forest of Gazipur, lies Bangladesh’s first public skatepark – the Royal Bengal Skatepark. With a total area of 650m2, this skatepark not only offers children a space to have fun but also provides them with support for dealing with issues such as trauma, drug addiction, mental health, and behavioral problems.

One might wonder why a skatepark was much needed in Bangladesh. Well, the reasons are plenty. There is a lack of public spaces, green spaces, and opportunities for underprivileged youth, females, and several marginalized groups. Having a skatepark provides children with a safe and inclusive space where they can socialize and learn new skills.

The Royal Bengal Skatepark is already acting as a beacon of hope and a place for gathering where all members of society are welcome and united under one purpose: skateboarding! It will also have several economic and environmental impacts on the local community. For instance, it will create job opportunities for the locals, including security guards, skatepark monitors, and public bathroom and shower facility maintenance. Additionally, a nearby restaurant will be opened so that visitors can purchase food and drinks while enjoying their time at the park.

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