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Annual Reports

Our financial status 

While BSKA is still very much a grass-roots organization, we have a small but mighty group of supporters from all over the world.  Monthly donors help keep our programs running continuously while large donors helped us construct the very first public skatepark in Bangladesh in 2021 with the help of the volunteer crew from Wonders Around the World.  Our partnership with the Goodpush Alliance in 2019 enabled us to feel the love, access the resources we needed to make our programs more effective and form partnerships among the growing global network of social skateboarding projects worldwide. 


Our Red Wheel Society Campaign is helping us to generate support mainly from individual skateboarders on the European continent who want to see the children of Bangladesh have a thriving childhood.  Every donation helps us keep street-based children off of the streets and in a home where they are safe, have access to regular meals, personal care items, education, medical care, and lots of fun activities.


Annual report 2022

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