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In the Red Wheel Society, we work together to improve living and social conditions of those children in need. The characteristic: one red wheel. Like the red sphere on the flag of Bangladesh, which is representing the rising sun: a symbol of hope.

While this is just a motif of solidarity, the whole endeavor will ultimately help children find hope.


We want to make a change. But it needs to be a team effort.

$ 60,000

$ 4,593.56

$ 14,600
Education and nutrition

$ 11,500
and rent

$ 8,600
Safe shelter
& equipment

$ 22,500
Administration and staff

One Year Funding for

$ 2,800
Hygiene and medical items






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and help us to reach our campaign goal! Depending on the amount of your donation, we will thank you with one of our hand-printed T-shirts and more.

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Meet the ambassadors.

"I strongly believe that skateboarding is a tool of change for society. We have the responsibility to give children a dignified and happy childhood."

Lucia Cortes
Berlin, Germany

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"Skateboarding must be or become accessible to all and can give especially children a space of joy and creative development. As a father of a young daughter, I find it particularly frightening under what circumstances children around the world have to grow up."

Max Baginski
Berlin, Germany

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Lea Schairer
Munich, Germany

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"I’m an ambassador because skateboarding
shouldn’t be a privilege."

Liam Schopp
Berlin, Germany

"Empower youth through skateboarding?

I am in!" 

Julian Dykmans
Berlin, Germany

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"Skating makes life better. It’s connecting people all over the the world and makes you stronger. This is what I wish for the children in Bangladesh."

Amelie Junker
Berlin, Germany

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"Skateboarding has given me so much in my life and I think everyone should be allowed to experience this lifestyle."

"Rodney" Panzer
Berlin, Germany

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Michael Bär
Innsbruck, Austria

"Skateboarding is more than a sport, more than a hobby. Skateboarding means falling down and getting up again, skateboarding means cohesion, community, family. Everyone has the right to something that can give you support in life, and skateboarding gives that support."

Lea Schäfer
Homburg, Germany

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Alex Ring
Barcelona, Spain

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"We support the Red Wheel Society and Bangladesh Street Kids Aid because we want to help create a safe and fun place for kids to learn, play and skate."

Maya & Benicio
Berlin, Germany