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Are you ready for one of the most challenging and equally rewarding experiences of your lifetime?

  • International Skateboarding Instructor/Program Coordinator (Bangladesh)
    This opportunity is a unique and challenging way to explore the beautiful country of Bangladesh while building meaningful friendships with locals and the children we work with. We are currently seeking volunteers who would be willing to commit to one skate session per week and other art and educational sessions for a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month long placement. Skateboarding lessons are a key part of our activities in Bangladesh and an excellent opportunity to connect with street-working children and encourage healthy living. After skate sessions, our volunteers take the children to local restaurants for a hot meal, creating another opportunity to connect with the kids and understand their needs. Apply to find out more about your duties as an international skate instructor for BSKA.
  • Social Media (remote)
    Are you good at keeping people stoked about a great cause through social media? BSKA is in need of a passionate person who will create engaging posts regularly on our Facebook and Instagram pages. To apply, see instructions below.
  • Fundraising Events (California, USA)"
    We are in need of a few individuals who would man our BSKA booths at events in California, U.S.A. to raise awareness about our programs and plans to build a boarding school and skate park in Bangladesh. To apply, see instructions below.
  • Californians needed!
    Are you a beach clean-up fanatic? Do you care deeply for people AND the natural environment? BSKA will be doing a lot of awesome things here in California too in the upcoming months. We will be teaming up with local organizations that work with the youth, distribute food and clothing to the homeless, and care for the environment. Stay tuned through our Facebook page for upcoming events and local volunteer opportunities.

Find out more about our volunteer opportunities in our volunteer pack.

For all volunteer opportunities not based in Bangladesh, please e-mail a resume and a brief description regarding your interest in volunteering with BSKA to:


Volunteers are required to obtain a criminal background clearance prior to becoming involved in our programs.

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