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Meet The Team


Susie Halsell

Susie has over 10 years of experience working with street children in Bangladesh. She has studied the Bangla language at a Bangla institute in Dhaka. She has also studied Anthropology at BRAC University in Bangladesh. Susie holds a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts from Antioch University Santa Barbara with her concentration being Business and Entrepreneurship. Susie has recently (February 2021) accepted the position of Technical Advisor to the Bangladesh Skateboarding Committee under the Roller Skating Federation of Bangladesh.  

She is also certified in Permaculture Design for International Development and deeply cares about preserving the natural environment at every level of BSKA's programs and operations.

 Throughout the years, Susie has made many valuable contacts in Bangladesh who have helped her bring this project to its current state. She thoroughly enjoys the Bangladeshi culture and lifestyle and spending quality time with the kids.  She is currently pursuing a Masters of Nonprofit Management with Antioch University Online. 

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Sophia is responsible for BSKA's digital presence. She is involved in marketing & social media, website development and campaigning.  Being based in Berlin, Germany, she works remotely for BSKA. 

Sophia Käfer
Marketing Manager


Anonna Rahman
Psycho-social Counselor

Anonna is working at BSKA's residential facility in Dhaka as a counselor, educator, and outreach worker.  She loves spending time with our participants and helping them to obtain overall physical and mental wellness.


Kakoli Tripura
Administrative Assistant & Outreach Worker

Kakoli is working with BSKA as an administrative assistant, outreach worker, and overall program support in Dhaka at BSKA's residential facility for addicted street-based youth.  She has many years of experience doing social work in both the NGO and government sectors.

Board of Directors


Margie Halsell

Margie Halsell is currently the owner and administrator of a residential care facility for elders with memory loss and dementia.  She also founded a non-profit that provides various services for elders.  Margie is the main donor to BSKA and we are forever grateful to her for her support.

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Alimul Islam

Alimul is the owner of the first skateboard shop in Bangladesh, DOB Skateshop.  He is also the President of the Bangladesh Skateboarding Community, and a key member of the Bangladesh Roller Skating Federation’s Skateboarding Task Force Committee. Alimul has invested much of his personal time, energy, and resources into growing the skateboarding community of Bangladesh and we are lucky to have him on our Board of Directors. 


Trent Benedetti

 Trent J. Benedetti is Public Accountant and Financial Planner. He is volunteering as BSKA's Chief Financial Officer.  He serves as chairman of the St. Louis de Montfort Parish Finance Council and as Treasurer for the Los Padres Boy Scout Council.

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Megan Weirich

Megan Weirich’s was BSKA's first volunteer in 2011, facilitating daily skating with children in the community, Her journey has encompassed exploring her skill sets in art; studying at U.C. Berkley and earning her B.A. in Art Practice, graduating with Honors and Recognition for drawing and contributions. She has taught art and developed after school curriculum for elementary aged children.


Heidi Lemmon

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Emily Guy

Emily is a skateboarder and musician from California, U.S.A. She is studying Social Work at CA State University of Monterey.  She is currently working as a MedTech/Certified Nursing Assistant at Senior Living Resources in Santa Maria, California. 

Heidi was a pioneer in the now booming business of building commercial skate parks.  She also has her own skate board company that specialized in professional quality boards for kids.  The brand “Salt Rags,” builds small boards for the little rippers of the world. 

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