Meet The Team

Susie Halsell


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Susie has over 10 years of experience working with street children in Bangladesh. She has studied the Bangla language at a Bangla institute in Dhaka. She has also studied Anthropology at BRAC University in Bangladesh. Susie holds a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts from Antioch University Santa Barbara with her concentration being Business and Entrepreneurship.  She is also certified in Permaculture Design.  Throughout the years, Susie has made many valuable contacts in Bangladesh who have helped her bring this project to its current state. She thoroughly enjoys the Bangladeshi culture and lifestyle and spending quality time with the kids. 

Aysha Monica

Country Director

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Monica is a graduate of the University of Dhaka and holds a Master’s in Child Development and Family Relations. She has worked for over 10 years in the Bangladesh media industry. She met Susie when she was working with BBC. Susie was holding a skate competition. Monica, being a sports-lover and a believer in the positive impact sports can play in a child’s development, was immediately interested in getting involved with the work of BSKA. Her level of understanding and compassion for the marginalized children of Bangladesh is apparent in her documentary and in how she interacts with the kids. 

Board of Advisors

Heidi Lemmon

Heidi Lemmon is the founder of the non-profit 'Skate Park Association'. Over the course of 20 years Heidi helped set up skateparks, youth programming, and has produced over 300 events. 

Margie Halsell

Margie Halsell is currently the owner and administrator of a residential care facility for elders with memory loss and dementia.  She also founded a non-profit that provides various services for elders. 

Trent Benedetti

 Trent J. Benedetti is Public Accountant and Financial Planner. He serves as chairman of the St. Louis de Montfort Parish Finance Council and as Treasurer for the Los Padres Boy Scout Council.



Sohail Ahmed is a distinguished Bangladeshi Freedom Fighter and has donated a portion of his own property in Bangladesh to BSKA in hopes to do yet another great thing for his country. 

Jessica Scarffe

Jessica Scarffe has a B.A. in Political Economy and a M.A. in Political Philosophy. Prior to her teaching career (15 years at the community college level), she worked in politics and business. 

Bangladesh Team

Many gracious people have extended their expertise in Bangladesh because they believe in BSKA's mission. We have received help from experts in the NGO field, marketing, business, and networking.  

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