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"Pushing Dhaka": Documentary Spotlights BSKA's Mission

This week marks the exciting release of our film, "Pushing Dhaka," a collaborative effort by filmmaker Julian Richberg and the dedicated Sophia Käfer. Together, they crafted a compelling documentary that delves into BSKA's mission of using skateboarding as a catalyst for empowering vulnerable youth in Dhaka.

Sophia has been an integral part of our team for several years, and her commitment to our cause took her to Bangladesh in January. Armed with a camera and a lapel microphone, she immersed herself in the local reality, capturing every moment, conducting insightful interviews with staff and children, and posing probing questions. The result is a compelling documentary that illuminates the intersection of skateboarding and social change in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Pushing Dhaka" unfolds through intimate interviews and captivating footage, spotlighting three youths dreaming of a brighter future through our program. Despite growing up in a country facing issues like child labor and marriage, the documentary highlights their resilience and determination to break free from hardship.

Beyond individual stories, the film has gained international recognition, with nominations at esteemed festivals like Skate and Surf Film Festival Milano and Louth International Film Festival. Notably, it clinched the Audience Award for Best Film at the Human Rights International Film Festival Italy.

"Pushing Dhaka" is a thought-provoking exploration of social issues, showcasing the potential for positive change through skateboarding. Join us on this powerful journey by watching the documentary on Youtube now:

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