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Goodpush Summit 2019 – Youth Leadership

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

The way we feel about being part of the Goodpush Summit and an official partner of the Goodpush Alliance this year can be compared to the way Danny Way felt when he launched himself off a mega ramp and over the Great Wall of China.  What a break-through!

Here’s what we learned at the Goodpush Summit 2019 about running structured Youth Leadership programs:

1.)  Getting young people involved out of neccessity, for the sustainability of project.

2.)  Youth Leaders are students not staff.

3.)  How to choose youth leaders:

  • They have to want to help out

  • Should be between 14 years old and up, then graduate at the age of 18.

  • Should involve kids that need more challenges.  Kids with behavioral issues often make the best leaders because they simply just need more challenges/opportunities.

4.)  What’s good about being a youth leader?

  • Learn interpersonal communication skills

  • Builds self-esteem/confidence

  • Become more empathetic

  • Provides a platform for students to be active in the community, to excel in school and sports, and to reach their full potential.

5.) Challenges:

  • Volunteers losing focus

  • Solution:  MoU needs to be clear and revisited frequently

  • Peer pressure

  • Commitment issues/time management/conflicting school schedules

  • Power dynamics (careful when using the term “youth leader”.  Youth leaders may feel they have more rights/privileges than other students

BSKA is currently offering more youth leadership opportunities and developing a structured program so that our exceptionally gifted students can use their influence to make a positive impact on the younger students.  This will not only help take some of the work load off of our staff, but it will help our students gain essential life skills.  Stay tuned as our youth leadership program grows and develops.

Always, a big shout out to everyone at Goodpush!

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