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Feeling the Good Push

Now that BSKA has become an official partner of the Goodpush Alliance, we are getting a lot of the support we needed from the international skateboarding community to move forward in full-force with our project in Bangladesh.

The worldwide community of social skateboarding projects is becoming more tight-knit since Skateistan launched the Goodpush Alliance and we feel extremely proud to have been selected as one of the top 3 projects this year.  We hope we will continue to be welcomed by all the skaters and the projects that they have going as we work on building up our network of supporters.  Here is a link to the Goodpush blog post about the partnership details:

As part of the Goodpush Alliance partnership deal, they are flying one of our BSKA members from Bangladesh, and I will be flying from California to South Africa to attend the very first Goodpush Summit.   There, myself and BSKA member Aysha Monica, will be giving a presentation about the successes and challenges of BSKA’s programs and future vision.

In other (Good) news:

An organization that has been building skate parks in remote areas of the world for years now, called Wonders Around the World (WAW) is set on helping us build our skatepark in Bangladesh in February 2020.  They have an amazing team, including inspiring people such as Jenna Hirt, who founded the organization Donate for Skate.  

Skate Jawn magazine is going to be featuring BSKA in an upcoming issue so look out for that to come out soon in local skate shops world-wide and on their website:

Also, we just launched our international volunteer program so send anyone you think may be interested our way by having them visit:

So many exciting things to come!  Sign up for e-mail updates on the right-hand side of this page so you don’t miss out on the awesome things we’re doing in Bangladesh throughout 2019-2020!

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